Chess Builders LLC.

Owner & Developer
Founded in 1999, Chess Builders LLC is one of New York City's foremost real estate developers. From construction to property management, we offer vertically-integrated development that maximizes value and contributes to the urban landscape.

Fischer + Makooi Architects


FMA team is a creative, passionate and skilled individuals in a range of design specialties. FMA team diversity empowers the creativity and contribution to our design mission and brings together a broad range of skills and experiences to create a successful design process.

With an experienced team, the firm has kept up with the rapidly changing industry of materials and systems and is proud to provide the latest technological services to its clientele.


Pre-Development & Development Marketing

EXR is a real estate brokerage that specializes in leasing apartments, commercial space, and new developments. Founded in 2014, landlords trust EXR to provide high-quality representation for thousands of properties throughout New York City. Each year we create hundreds of millions of dollars of New York City real estate value through our technology-driven approach to listing and marketing property. We have successfully launched hundreds of projects that redefine what is possible in many of New York City's most exciting upcoming neighborhoods.

EXR Somerset


EXR Somerset is a partnership between EXR, New York City's top leasing firm, and Somerset Partners, a prolific New York City real estate developer and investment firm with a special focus on the Bronx. Formed in 2018, EXR Somerset is a full-service real estate brokerage that specializes in the Bronx and Uptown Manhattan. We have moved thousands of New Yorkers into the Bronx and launched some of the borough's most exciting new developments. We work closely with real estate developers and landlords to promote responsible projects and practices that grow and respect local communities.

Durukan Design

Interior design

Durukan Design provides Design Services specializing in residential, commercial and hospitality interiors. Known for their warmth and elegance, they define and create unique living experiences by incorporating functionality with timeless design concepts.

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